Abbadia di Fiastra

A sunday afternoon at the Abbey of Fiastra in a journey of culture and wellbeing. Every first and third Sunday of each month, from October 5 until December 31, at the Abbey of Fiastra the palace of Giustiniani Bandini is open to the public from 15.30. Attached to the medieval monastery, the palace is a striking example of refined neo-classic mansion surrounded by a landscaped garden with oak tress, conifers, palm trees and a rare cork oak which is now secular. The last Prince Sigismund was bound by a deep love for the estate of Fiastra Abbey and decided to complete the renovation of the Palace, enriching it with the frescoes in the Hall of the Estates (sala delle Tenute) and the grand staircase decorated in trompe l'oeil. On the first floor there is the equally enchanting Hall, called Salone Pompeiano and a number of lounges adorned with frotesque decorations dating back to the end of the nineteenth century. In addition to have housed the summer residence of many happy moments of the Giustiniani Bandini family, it was also used by the Nazi fascists as an internment camp for Jews and political prisoners fron 1940-1943. Today it is the head of the Giustiniani Bandini Foundation and the Natural Reserve remainingone of the most attractive nineteenth century builddings of the Marche, still able to tell stories and anecdotes of our rural areas.

The Nature Reserve of Fiastra Abbey is an enchanted place where time stands still and nature reigns. The giants oaks, soaring towards the sky are particularly enchanting at sunset with magnificent colours. Here you will find a strong spirituality which oervades everything and the silence in broken by the singing of birds and the melodious verses of animals.

A few kilometers from Macerata, the Abbadia Nature Reserve, welcomes tourists who enjoy wellness and healthy holidays and weekend in cloe contact with nature, far from the frenzy. The Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra, surrounded by 1825 hectares of land, was founded in 1142 by Cistercian monks from Chiaravalle in Milan. The monastery and its beautiful cloister, which is now owned by the Giustiniani Bandini family (since 1773) has been beautifully preserved and can be found next to the church.

In the Nature Reserve Abbadia you can take guided tours of the monastery and of the nearby Roman ruins in Urbs Salvia (from which the monks took part of the brick which was used for the building of the Abbey). The tourist office also organizes walks in the 7 km woodland to discover medicinal plants. The Rent-Bike, open every day gives opportunity to people of all ages to explore the reserve on a bike. A horse riding school and the adjacent farm are the ideal retreat for children who experience the contact with animals and nature. The camper area, accomodation services and restaurants host tourists looking for a relaxing spa holiday in the hills of the Marche.
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