* EPAPHUS FOUR HANDS Body massage with four hands, the harmonized double manual massage creates a pleasing rhythmic flow for an intense effect, relaxing to the body and beneficial for the mind.
Duration 50' minutes 95€

* TIBET Extraordinary sound massage ritual with Tibetan bells, creates a cellular vibration that propagates throughout the body leading the mind into a state of deep relaxation that promotes harmony and balance. This mobile massage combined with manual de-contracting relaxes muscle tension and frees energy nodes.
Duration 60' minutes 65€

* SHEA BUTTER RELAXATIONRelaxing massage with shea butter for deep nourishment of the skin while the use of slow wave techniques reduces stress.
Duration 60' minutes 65€

* HAPPY FEETFoot scrub with salt from the Dead Sea, followed by honey massage, fabulous for the wellbeing and care of feet, and SPA pedicure.
Duration 60' minutes 65€

* RELAXING MASSAGEDelicate relaxing massage with light and flowing hand movements which lead the mind into harmony.
Duration 60' minutes 50€

* HOT-STONE MASSAGEPrecious oils of lavender lemon balm and lemon verbena allow hot lava stones to slide over the body. Dexterity and relaxing waves relax the body in this ancient massage ritual that brings the mind to a harmonious calm and serenity.
Duration 60' minutes 80€

* HARNICA DECONTRACTING MASSAGE WITH HYPERICUM OR THE DEVIL'S CLAW Relaxing massage for the body with cupping and manual and energetic extension, relieves muscle tension and free the joints. The arnica ointments and St. John's Wort soothe inflammation and relax the mind.
Duration 70' minutes 60€

* DRAINAGE MASSAGE LEGS AND ABDOMENThe real lymphatic drainage massage. Exceptional for draining excess fluids, promoting good lymphatic circulation, reducing heaviness in the limbs and improving physical appearance.
Duration 40' minutes 40€

* RELAXING BACK MASSAGE Relaxing massage with arnica and hypericum, or devil's claw, with cupping for the back and cervical spine, relieves tension and inflammation and relaxes muscles.
Duration 45' minutes 40€

* LIPOREDUCING MASSAGESpecial lip reducing massage using mineral and vegetable powder, turmeric and ginger to reshape the figure, sculpt critical areas and detoxify the body.
Duration 60' minutes 70€

* CANDLE MASSAGERelaxing massage for body and psyche, leaving the skin softer than any oil. It’s a real rite of wellbeing, a precious time when all the senses are involved. It’s also useful as a preparation for wellness programs, because it pampers the body and prepares it for needs that each treatment entails. Slow and sweet manipulations are matched to the unique and pleasant smell and heat of melted candles.
Duration 60' minutes 75€

* FACIAL MASSAGERelaxing, plumping, and anti-aging, the facial, neck, and décolleté massage provides sensations of lightness and serenity, restoring to the face a healthy glow. The slow and deep movement on the scalp totally relaxes, eliminating most headaches and anxiety.
Duration 20' minutes 20€

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