Special Multiple Offers
Massage Specials A package of 6 or 10 massages with a choice of de-contracting/relaxing/lymphatic drainage massages to relax your body and mind, relieve muscle tension, loosen joints, combat water retention and promote lymphatic circulation, rediscovering a sense of well-being. 

-Package of relaxing Massages
€55 each/instead of €60 
-Package of lymphatic Massages 
€35 each/instead of €40

-Package of Massages
€55 each/instead of €60

A pack of 6 or 10 massages with a choice of:

- DECONTRACTING BACK/CERVICAL SPINE massage ideal for relieving tension, relaxing and loosening muscle pain

-Package of Massages
€35 each/instead of €40 

FACIAL TREATMENT SPECIALS Package 6 Facial treatments with a choice of:
€45 each/instead of €50
Treatment duration 50 minutes

MULTIPLE ENTRIES TO SAUNA AND TURKISH BATH 10 entries at a cost of 150€ instead of 200€
Self-exfoliation bowl on request with bio scrub ideal to encourage cell renewal and give uniformity to the skin 5€/person

Tutti i pacchetti multipli hanno validità di un anno.



Private Sauna 40’
Private Turkish bath 40’
Aperitif with wine and finger food

Duration 80 minuti
50€ / person rather than 60€
95€ / couple rather than 110€

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