Our TreatmentsWellness and Day Spa treatments in the pleasant and health-giving heat of the sauna and Turkish bath and juniper wood hydro massage tub, and additional massages, facials and body treatments designed for every need.

* ACQUA RELAX TREATMENT (SPA SUITE) Private bathing areas, exfoliating body treatment with organic scrubs, hydro massage in the juniper wood tub with Mediterranean essences, and herbal teas and fresh fruit to sample.
Duration 130 mins
* The following services may be added to this treatment:











* WATER A warm and pleasant hydro massage with lavender essential oil, followed by an organic body scrub for a profound sense of well-being and vitality.
Duration 85' minutes

* CLEOPATRA An ancient rejuvenating ritual consisting of a milk bath in the hydro massage tub, followed by our own vitamin C face mask.
Duration 130' minutes

* COUPLES SENSORY A romantic hydro massage with rose essential oil, Tibetan bowl massage and wine tasting with finger food for an incredible couples experience.
Duration 130' minutes

* HAMMAN TREATMENT A private Turkish bath, soaping with exfoliating black soap to brighten the skin, and a decontracting body massage to release the energy within you.
Duration 115' minutes

* SPORT TREATMENTA preliminary ritual with lavender and a relaxing foot massage, private Turkish bath or sauna to detoxify the body, body scrub with essential oils and Norwegian birch leaves, and a 60-minute decontracting body massage with cupping to finish.
Duration 145' minutes

* DAY SPA TREATMENT FOR HER AND HIRDay SPA for women designed to recharge energy levels and pamper the body:
- Preliminary ritual of foot massage with lavender and essential Mediterranean oils
- Spa manicure
- Access to the private Turkish bath or sauna, with body scrub to restore suppleness and glow to the skin
- Purifying, anti-ageing or brightening facial treatment
- Relaxing 60-minute body massage
- Hydro massage to cleanse the body of excess toxins.
Duration 220' minutes

* SENSORY HONEY TREATMENT A sensory experience consisting of a hydro massage with honey in the juniper wood tub, to relax the muscles and soften the skin. A gentle and nourishing relaxing massage with honey to envelop your body and senses, and a glass of wine with cheese and preserves to finish.
Duration 110' minutes

* FIRE AND WATER TREATMENT A preliminary ritual of a foot massage with lavender and essential Mediterranean oils precedes a candle massage and a fabulous couples bath in the hydro massage tub, accompanied by a glass of wine and finger food to finish.
Duration 135' minutes

* VITALITY TREATMENT A superb preliminary ritual of foot-washing, followed by a massage with essential oils. Private Turkish bath, relaxation area, herbal tea. Thalassa sea salt scrub enriched with luxurious essential oils to deep cleanse and purify the skin. A relaxing or decontracting massage, and to finish a wonderful hydro massage in the juniper wood tub, accompanied by a delicious aperitif of finger food and your choice of wine.
Duration 220' minutes

* UDVARTANA TREATMENT Total relaxation in our private bathing area; sauna and Turkish bath followed by a dry powder massage which creates heat and stimulates circulation, increases cellulite vasodilation and mobilises fat by reactivating the metabolism. To finish, a detoxifying herbal tea and biscuits.
Duration 140' minutes

* CHOCOLATE & COCONUT TREATMENT Detoxifying private Turkish bath and scrub with powdered coconut: the nutritional properties of shea oil combined with coconut shavings gently exfoliate the skin, leaving a silky layer on the skin. Massage with chocolate shea butter accompanied by herbal teas and biscuits.
Duration 120' minutes

* CITRUS TREATMENT Relaxing massage with citrus essential citrus: purifying and aromatic, it counterbalances impurities and revitalises tired skin; ideal for improving skin blemishes. Hydro massage in the juniper wood tub with blood orange, accompanied by cocktails and fruit salad.
Duration 105' minutes

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