Nutritionist: Biologist nutritionist. Nutritional counselling, food processing plans, assessment of body composition.
Dr Valeria Capri

PSYCHOLOGIST AND SYSTEMIC-RELATIONAL PSYCHOTHERAPIST: "Choosing to start a relational psychotherapy treatment means carving out a space for understanding and improving the relationship with oneself and with others."
Dr Francesca Guzzini.

Personal Trainer: customized training, outdoors in the beautiful Riserva Naturale Abbadia di Fiastra or in our fitness room. Free consultation.
The personal trainer we have chosen is Prof. Donatella Roccetti.

baby sitting: Dedicated to the moms and dads who want to dedicate some time to themselves. Armònia Spa Suite offers guests a babysitter, for children aged 3 to 13 years, with motion games, the discovery of medicinal plants, horseback riding, and many other activities. Service to be booked at least 48 hours in advance.
Price: 10 Euros per hour. For treatments exceeding the amount of 250 Euros, the service is free.

Armònia Suite Spa is pleased to announce that from October 2016 the of Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine course the Shibumi Shiatsu School will be active at its own facility.
For further information please contact the Armònia centre by email or by telephone.

Work Walking
Walk, have fun and stay in shape. The walk working is a new, different, and exciting way to walk combining exercises aimed at strengthening the entire body and maintaining good muscle tone with the guidance of a personal trainer.

Pilates is a training discipline for the body conceived and designed to develop strength and muscle flexibility, to help maintain the balance between body and mind and to ensure precise execution of movements. Come and experience our courses, the first lesson is free!

It’s possible to enrol in yoga classes at Armònia. For relaxation, awareness and lightness, come have a wonderful experience with the yoga classes.

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