Effective anti-cellulite and firming body treatments, together with nutrition and exercise. Anti-ageing treatments for wrinkles and skin tone, to revitalise the skin and impart a fresh, youthful appearance. Pedicures, manicures, semi-permanent nail polishes. Organic wax hair removal and face contouring with eyebrow shaping.


* KOKO FACIAL CLEANSING Professional deep facial cleansing using products specially designed for each skin type. Promotes cell renewal for an instant anti-ageing effect.
Duration 50' minutes

* ILLUMINATING MASK WITH VITAMIN C Vitamin C serum applied in conjunction with a special mask to brighten the complexion and intensely hydrate the skin.
Duration 50' minutes

* ANTI-AGEING LIFTING TREATMENT Luxury cell bio stimulation facial treatment to reduce fine wrinkles and exfoliate and brighten the skin. Effective results for a younger, fresher look.
Duration 50' minutes

* ANTIOXIDVitamin C for glowing, hydrated skin; an excellent antioxidant treatment for all skin types and the best results for anti-ageing.
Duration 50' minutes

* HYDRA PLUS FACIAL Intensive hydrating treatment ideal for reviving tired skin and restoring tone and brightness to skin that has been exposed to the sun. A special combination of professional products to deeply nourish the skin.
Duration 50' minutes


* EXFOLIATING TREATMENT Beauty treatment to encourage cell renewal; manual massage movements to stimulate circulation and restore hydration, brightness and even skin tone.
Duration 30' minutes

* LIPO REDUCING TREATMENT Special lipo reducing massage using mineral and vegetable powders including turmeric and ginger to reshape the body, and a detoxifying Turkish bath to eliminate excess toxins.
Duration 100' minutes

* FIRMING TREATMENTDynamic lifting massage using special essential oils that act on the muscles to tone the body; body mask with active ingredients that firm up the skin.
Duration 80' minutes

* GLYCO PEEL Body treatment with glycolic acid, fruit acids (AHA) and extracts of ivy and echinacea. It exfoliates the surface layer of the skin and restores elasticity, firmness, and hydration.
Duration 50' minutes

* THERMAL MUD Mask rich in the components contained in thermal mud of Reichenau, complete with active ingredients of plant and marine origin. Adjuvant in the cosmetic treatment of cellulite, fat, swelling, cold spots, unsightly stretch marks, and hard hypotonic tissue with possible presence of thick keratotic skin. It reshapes, slims, firms, and tones.
Duration 50' minutes

* THALASSA SCRUB A sea salt scrub enriched with essential oils such as rosemary, cinnamon, cypress, camphor, eucalyptus, geranium, fennel, ylang-ylang, lemon, lavender, oregano, mint, juniper, thyme, and lemon balm. Adjuvant in the cosmetic treatment of cellulite, fat, skin hypotonia, and swelling. It slims and reshapes.
Duration 30' minutes


25€ - Duration 30' minutes

SPA manicure + semipermanente
45€ - Duration 60' minutes

SPA pedicure
35€ - Duration 40' minutes

SPA pedicure + semipermanente
55€ - Duration 70' minutes

* EPILAZIONEGambe - 20€

Mezza gamba - 20€

Inguine/Brasiliana - 12€/25€

Ascelle - 10€

Braccia - 16€

Sopracciglia - 9€

Labbra - 5€

Schiena - 25€

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